Uni-girl  Series
An illustration series launched in 2018 and is still being actively produced today. There are over 900 pieces, all done with ink on paper. It started with doodles on Post-it that were hidden in my textbooks during class to pull through the days in middle school. This series is a response to my sensitivity to language, calligraphy, and poetry. 

In the summer of 2022, my solo exhibition featuring uni-girl series was held in Shenzhen, China. 

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Under the Sun
Please Don’t Wake Me Up
We Will Deliver Your Pizza Just Like the Robbers Do
Where Are You Now? 
Take A Bite of the Noodles. Hum! Taste like Time.
People Form a New Oldness Together
A Narration About the Windows-1
A Narration About the Windows-2
A Narration About the Windows-3
A Narration About the Windows-4
A Narration About the Windows-5
A Narration About the Windows-6
A Narration About the Windows-7
A Narration About the Windows-8
A Narration About the Windows-9
In the Platonic Bursting Autumn, I...
Big Boundaries
I Saw My Life Crossed My Eyes
One Shall Escape From Civilization
Window Screen
Time Panic
You Cannot See the People On You
There Is an Urgent Need to Think About the Way, Time, and Significance of Being
Eternity of Time
In the Painting
Shenjing Qujueyuan De Yishi Luokoumi (Meaningless Words)
Untitled (Sun-1)
Sunset Burn (Sun-2)
The World Cried as the Sun Sunk into the Valley (Sun-3)
The Anthem for the Sun (Sun-4)
I thought I Was Going to die
Psychedelic Ocean
Mama, I Can Fly Now. Please No Longer Hold My Feet
Mama, We Are Born for Entertain
Mama, Listen to Me. We Don’t Have to Live Like A Dervish
Look, Our Red Lotus
Cannot be Spoken
How Should We Live Here
Seven Lotus
Freedom Is Like Flowers and It Doesn’t Need A Word
As an Island
Silent World and the Fleeting Snow Mountains
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